International Education and a Pandemic Crisis

(featured in Our World magazine)

While the international press, politicians, national leaders and a wide range of commentators and soothsayers address the issues of the global pandemic, an “industry” called ‘international education’ appears somewhat forgotten.

For those severely impacted – students, families, universities and educational institutions the challenge, is immense. In many cases institutions face financial closure, thousands of faculty and staff are out of work. Young men and women globally face the potential damage and collapse of their academic dreams as well as extreme cashflow issues for their families – an extended yet painful impact of this “virus”. We look at the major player in this “industry” – the USA.


Major Education Agreement for US College and the UAE

New Hampshire based international education consultancy, GoGlobal Education is at the center of a new agreement signed by Florida’s Beacon College and the Emirate of Sharjah in the UAE. The agreement was signed by Her Highness Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, the Director General of the Sharjah City Humanitarian Services and Vice President of the Sharjah Supreme C ouncil for Family Affairs.

The initiative allows Beacon College, a unique U.S tertiary institution with an outstanding four – year graduation rate of over 80%, to work closely with the Sharjah City Humanitarian Service in providing a wide range of courses and programs commencing in August 2017 in the UAE. 

The programs, the first of their kind in the UAE, will focus on providing skills for teachers and instructors throughout the region in identifying and working with large groups of students that learn differ ently. Additional programs will focus on students and provide a wide – ranging series of courses and educational experiences for regional students to attend.

GoGlobal CEO and Managing Partner, Patrick van Rooyen said that the project took over 12 months to negotiate and structure. “The final outcome is exciting for both Beacon College and the Emirate of Sharjah as it now provides for the region a key education initiative to assist those thousands of young students that often struggle due to learning differences”. Van Rooyen said that the agreement was a major step in building a new education relationship between the U.S and the UAE and was unique.

GoGlobal Partnership Creates New Offices in Iran and UAE

New partnership agreements by New Hampshire based GoGlobal LLC, has created a range of opportunities for U.S education in both Iran and the Arab Emirates. The new partnerships with long – established Honari International Education based in Tehran and Dubai, will create new opportunities for regional educational institutions that are eager to grow their international student recruitment, study abroad programs and partnerships with overseas universities.

“It’s exciting”, said GoGlobal CEO, Patrick van Rooyen, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia with the Middle East has a total of over 96,000 students in the U.S and continues to be a source of excellent opportunity for joint academic partnerships for U.S. institutions.

Honari International Education based in Tehran was formed by Dr. M Morteza Honari, a recognized Iranian and international scholar. Dr. Honari is a senior academic, consultant and expert on international relations in a variety of sectors, holding a PhD in Human Ecology from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and becoming the first doctoral graduate in human ecology from that University. An author of numerous books and research and scientific papers in the fields of health, human ecology, culture and the environment, Dr. Honari has thirty years of academic and consulting experience, with a strong background in research and research management. Dr. Honari said that he was very pleased to be opening the partnership with GoGlobal.